Tips for Planning an International Move

Moving abroad can be a scary proposition, especially for those who have never lived in another country, but it can also be exciting. The best way to plan for an international move is to get started early since there are typically far more logistical concerns than there would be for readers planning to move across their native countries. Read on to find some helpful advice on how to prepare.

Do Some Research

Some people think even planning a vacation abroad is stressful, due in large part to the amount of paperwork that’s required and the amount of work that must go into initial preparations; for those moving permanently out of the country, dealing with he bureaucracy can be even more intense. The best way to ensure that all of an individual or family’s paperwork is in order is to get started early and to check every single document at least twice. Be sure that everyone who is about to move has valid passports that will not expire while they are abroad, find out whether or not or not US citizens can use their drivers’ licenses to rent cars in their new homes, and do some research into what kind of visa will be required.

Try to Pack Light

Most families and individual renters or homeowners manage to accumulate a good deal of belongings in between moves, so it’s a good idea to begin paring down possessions early on. Most people who are planning a long-term move abroad find that it’s easier to downsize before their moves and purchase some of their necessary household items abroad. Of course, those who aren’t concerned about cost can hire professional household movers to do all their packing for them, but those who are trying to stick to a budget find that getting rid of some of their unnecessary stuff can help to cut back on costs.

Research Taxes

One consideration that many expatriates wind up neglecting is a detailed understanding of how their tax situations are about to change. It’s a good idea to hire a tax professional who can clarify local, national, and international tax law to get a better understanding of how moving to a new country will affect a family’s taxes.

Hire a Professional

There are a few things, such as ensuring that passports are up to date and sorting out tax information, that really have to be handled by those family members responsible for planning a move, but the majority of the most stressful work can actually be left to professional international movers. Hiring professional movers gives families much more time to worry about getting the rest of their affairs in order and saying their goodbyes to local loved ones. It’s worth the money.

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